Chairman - KCC
변함없는 성원과 신뢰로 저희 KCC를 아껴주시는 고객 및 주주 여러분께 깊은 감사의 인사를 드립니다.

KCC will do its utmost to ensure a better life for all.

Over the past half century,
KCC has been achieving continuous technological developments
as the world's leading fine chemical company.

We have been playing a pioneering role in the development of Korea's
construction-industry culture by supplying industrial materials for the construction
industry, and we have been building our image as a "New Material Creator" in our
endeavors to continue to lead the field in 21st century new material chemical engineering.

Additionally, we recently became the first to commercialize silicon in Korea through our
proprietary technology. We are transforming ourselves through technological innovation,
value innovation, and management innovation, with "innovation" as the keyword for
corporate management in the 21st century's global age.
We are growing as a "strong, trustworthy, and global KCC" through an unceasing pursuit of
technological innovation and an unrelenting pursuit of core competency through the
advancement of our management support system.

KCC is concentrating all of its efforts on pursuing value-based management, trust-based
management, creative management, and environmentally friendly management that can
satisfy the needs of our clients, stockholders, employees, and society in general. KCC will
remain at the forefront of global market changes and trends as a world-class leading
company in the field of precision chemical engineering and will fulfill its corporate vision as a
"New Material Creator" through bold and innovative research and development.

However, KCC will not remain complacent with its successes and achievements and will do its
utmost to meet your expectations and reciprocate your unreserved support through
cutting-edge technology and product quality that ensures a better life for all.

Thank you.